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About Us

Started in 2012, Storycises is designed and written by two specialist paediatric physiotherapists, Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds, whose aim in life is getting all children to enjoy being active and experimenting with movement whilst having fun.

Their children's storybooks, interactive resources and educational programmes have all been developed following conversations and requests from colleagues and professionals that Wendy and Jane have worked with and met throughout their careers. 

Our Story So Far

Wendy and Jane met when they were both working for a children’s therapy NHS team in Poole.  They noticed that there were increasing numbers of referrals for children who were struggling at school in areas such as PE, handwriting, concentration, and sitting still on a chair.  These children would also often present with lack of strength and stamina, poor coordination and a preference for sedentary pastimes.   

Wendy and Jane decided that they wanted to be more proactive and do something to help reverse the trend.  They wanted to create an approach that could be started from a very young age to build motor skill confidence using interactive storytelling and play. 
They started by looking for a programme or intervention that they could use or signpost parents and settings to.  They struggled to find a resource that covered a wide range of targeted foundation motor skills in a fun and easy to use way, so they decided to develop their own and from here, Storycises was born. 


They started by combining stories with exercises with themes and ideas which children would enjoy, relate to and understand. From those days, they have expanded to create resources for early years settings, schools, parents, libraries, physios, OTs, portage workers, children’s centres, health visitors and professionals.  The most recent additions are published storybooks, something for anyone who loves to read books to children.

Storycises is now used nationally and internationally. Along with being used across the UK, children are enjoying Storycises in countries including Germany, Russia, the USA, Singapore, the Falkland Islands and New Zealand.


We hope you will find something to inspire you too!

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