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About Us

Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds are the co-founders of Storycises. They lecture around the country about children’s physical development, educating those who work with children, and raise the profile of the importance of a physical childhood.

Both are Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapists who have worked in the NHS and independent sector. Here's a bit more about their backgrounds and passion for children's physiotherapy.


Wendy Joy MCSP Grad Dip Phys SRP

Wendy qualified in 1991 as a chartered physiotherapist. She is a paediatric specialist and has a particular interest in the physicality of child development. She wanted to be a physiotherapist from the age of 12 and loves her work.


Wendy has worked both in the NHS and independently, in London and at various settings along the south coast of the UK. She now divides her time between her clinical work as a specialist children’s physio, Storycises, lecturing around the UK and managing her private paediatric practice.


Through Wendy’s work with Storycises, she has developed and built a model for all ages of children that underpins her clinical work.  The results have shown the importance of relevant targeted intervention at any age and the positive effects it can have on children and young people for the rest of their lives. Wendy enjoys seeing the impact from improving physical health and ability on other areas such as improving confidence, self-esteem, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Wendy believes wholeheartedly that if children and young people do not have fun and ‘enjoy’ being active- in whatever form that takes- then compliance will be poor. She is always happy to join in, have a go and demonstrate movements and activities with children. It might not always look pretty or elegant, but Wendy likes children and their parents to see that it doesn’t matter if you sometimes look a bit silly or get rosy-cheeked or can’t do something perfectly. The important thing is to try and feel supported whilst trying.

All her work clinically, whilst lecturing and with Storycises is based on sharing knowledge and understanding about the spiral of child development and how children need to work up and down by experimenting, learning, repeating and consolidating movements.

Wendy lives in Dorset with her husband, she has three grown up children and in her spare time loves to walk, read and be arty & crafty. She loves a new challenge and has recently started to learn to play the piano. When she gets the chance Wendy enjoys getting out into the local countryside, visiting her local beaches and holidaying in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Storycises physio Jane Reynolds

Jane Reynolds MCSP BSc (Hons)

Jane has been a physiotherapist since 2003.  She has worked both in the NHS and in the private sector along the south coast.  Now she works with lots of different children, of all ages, with differing challenges from all walks of life. But fun is always at the centre of what she does.


Before she became a physiotherapist, she was a paramedic with the London Ambulance Service and has also had a career in the Royal Naval Reserve.  The experiences she had in these years really do give her an additional skill set!

Jane really enjoys lecturing around the country about how child development is changing and what we can do to improve children’s physical development, educating those who work with children to raise the profile of the importance of a physical childhood.  The principles of Storycises underpin all of her practice when treating the children on her caseload.  

She also spends time promoting sport and inclusion for children and young people with a disability and is keen to ensure that these children have as much opportunity to be included as able-bodied children.   

In her spare time, Jane works in her garden, planting and creating.  She has been using yoga to exercise and relax for some time and is a keen traveller, having travelled extensively around the world. During the pandemic, she swapped this for discovering an untapped talent for sewing and enjoys nothing better than a day creating with the sewing machine.

Our Accreditations

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