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Consultancy for Schools

Whether you are looking for expert advice on your SEND policies or you want some practical ideas on developing an inclusive curriculum, we can help you.

We are invited into settings to help maximise children's physical abilities and independence whilst developing movement and function. We can make adjustments to the environment, assist with the equipment available, and support you to make changes to the curriculum to enable more physicality to be gained in pre-school and school settings. 


Our consultancy services will assist you to improve pupil outcomes and support organisational development. We will provide ideas and resources to ensure that from the time children arrive until the time they go home, everyone is working on vital skills for physical and global development. This work will meet offers for universal and targeted work of the schools.

If there is a specific area in which you wish to receive assistance then please contact us, and we can arrange a bespoke package according to requirements.

Our consultancy services include:


Working with teachers to redesign classrooms, corridors and curriculum to reflect a more physical nature.


Providing ideas for resources to easily bring physical practice into the classroom, and suggesting ways on how to bring physicality and practice of foundation motor skills into literacy and numeracy.


Providing walk-around environmental visits to optimise what schools already have, to make further suggestions and introduce additional resources.


Helping Physical Education teachers in mainstream and special schools to ensure that foundation motor skills are reflected in curriculum and lesson plans. We can provide ideas on how to include children with SEND into mainstream PE curriculum.


Working with education leads on the importance of physicality in schools, how to embed a culture of activity across the curriculum, empowering and upskilling staff and improving pupil physical health and wellbeing.


Providing specific foundation motor skills programmes for all age groups. We have worked with secondary-age students and know from experience that there is no age limit to learning new skills or improving motor skills.

What Schools Say

Storycises Consultancy 2.jpg

SALT Team, Winchelsea School, Dorset

I want to thank you both for the amount of work you’ve both put into putting these ladders together... they make total sense in terms of a child’s development and I know will make a massive impact on the whole school provision for our students.

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