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Screening Tool
Free when you purchase Storybook 1 or 2

This is an informal screening tool that we have devised which will help you to map out changes in the children you are working with. It will provide a baseline measurement looking at a broad base of fine and gross motor skills from which you can target intervention or plot progress.

There are 11 tasks covering a range of areas. It includes a measure for:

  • postural stability

  • balance

  • stamina

  • crossing midline

  • aiming and catching

  • fine motor dexterity

  • proprioception

  • visual tracking


All these skills are vital for learning in the classroom.

When you have carried out your intervention (we suggest for a minimum of 10 minutes every day for a term) you can retest to plot improvement. This screen also prompts you to look at the child’s functional ability in the classroom and at home so that you will be able to see any changes in performance across all areas.

As the children engage and have fun with the stories, they will be working on foundation motor skills. Of course, there are factors that influence how the children join in with the programme, but you should see global improvement in children of all abilities.

If there is little improvement, then the information you have collected will prove invaluable for an onward referral to your local therapy services team or therapy provider.  We suggest you still carry on with the whole year of Storycises stories with your young person.

The free screening tool comes as a PDF to accompany Storybooks 1 and 2 - both available to buy in our online shop here.

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