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Welcome to Storycises™ 

The innovative way to combine movement and stories!

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Our Goals

Movement matters to children's wellbeing and development. Storycises has been created by two specialist paediatric physiotherapists, Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds, whose aim in life is to get all children to enjoy being active and experimenting with movement whilst having fun!

The series of action storybooks and educational resources support children to gain the foundation movement skills needed to find independence and success in and beyond the classroom.

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Choosing Colours Storycises
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What is Storycises?

Storycises incorporates the practice of targeted foundation motor skills into a child’s everyday life through fun, interactive action stories and activities.


 Tailormade resources

The series has been created and developed following conversations and requests from colleagues and professionals that we have met throughout our careers.


Who can use Storycises?

They can be used by anyone and no training is needed. For example, early years settings, schools, parents, libraries, physios, OTs, portage workers, children's centres and health visitors.

Where We've Featured

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