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🎄⭐A Christmas Action Poem from Storycises ❄️☃️

As Christmas gets nearer, many children will be counting down the days on their advent calendar until Santa Claus arrives. As they wait for the big day ahead, we have put together a special way to help keep children entertained in the meantime - a fun Christmas action poem!

Enjoy some festive fun and get active while celebrating the joy of Christmas - crawl like a polar bear, fly through the skies like a reindeer, warm up with Christmas star jumps, deliver presents with Santa and lots more. Then snuggle down for a cozy rest the night before Christmas.

We won't reveal too many of the fun movements that everyone can join in with along the way because Christmas should be full of surprises... you can discover all the actions when you download the full Christmas action poem using the link below.

A Christmas Action Poem from Storycises
Download PDF • 13.14MB

We hope you find our Christmas Action Poem from Storycises a fun way to make the festive season a little bit more special for children. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023.

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