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Children, Wellbeing & Libraries

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Did you know libraries are a great place to develop physicality in children? While fundamental to reading and literacy, libraries can also provide an invaluable role in children's health. They are an ideal setting to get children moving more to equip them with essential gross and fine motor skills vital to their development.

Libraries Week 2022

Libraries Week celebrates the nation's much-loved libraries and the central role that libraries play in supporting life-long learning. Running from 3 to 9 October, the theme this year highlights the significant role that libraries play in helping individuals to unlock and fulfil their potential at every stage of life. At Storycises we are delighted to work with libraries across the UK and know the innovative spaces they provide for inspiring learning and enriching young lives.

It's essential to ensure all children get the variety and experience of movement needed to develop good motor skills. These skills set a young person up for life and are essential for 'success in learning' both in a school setting and at home. Libraries have the potential to provide a great environment for exploring movement and opportunities for children to learn, develop and build on these skills through their storytelling activities.

How we can help libraries

Storycises is an innovative way to combine movement and stories. We can give your library team the resources, skills and confidence to see children get regular opportunities to practice and build functional movements. We can:

  • Provide resources that help get children moving more

  • Deliver training for staff and volunteers to help upskill and underpin knowledge of child development

  • Teach the skills to Storycise any story!

  • Join forces in any project you secure funding for to promote health and well being in children. Not only the physical but also mental benefits of movement and exercise e.g. social prescribing initiatives

  • Offer an advisory role on how to support children with special needs and make story time fun and inclusive.

Library visits for wellbeing and fun - there's no better place to visit!

Storycises are ready-made, pick up and go resources full of fun interactive stories for libraries to create easy sessions with minimal prep. We have also produced two storybooks that can also be stocked on the shelves for families to borrow and enjoy using together at home.

We are never happier than when sharing what we have learnt about paediatric physiotherapy in our combined 50 years of working with children (more on that here!) Let us support your library to deliver benefits to children’s health. To find out more please get in touch

Throughout Libraries Week 2022 we are offering libraries 10% off the entire Storycises range.* Visit our online shop here and use the code LIBRARIES22

* The offer runs from 3-9 October 2022. The code is valid for one-time use only and only one use per library. Postage and carriage charges will apply as standard - no discount applies.

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