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Little Stories for Little People

Updated: Jan 12

A little goes a long way and that's certainly true for our Bitesize Storycise! Following on from the success of Storycises for reception aged children, Bitesize Storycise™ has been developed for a younger age group. The programme of interactive mini stories is specifically for pre-schoolers to develop foundation movement skills in a fun and age-appropriate way.

The resource provides under fours with the opportunity to experience and practice a full range of motor skills that they may not be experiencing elsewhere in their lives. It is specifically designed so that each exercise will allow the child to develop a particular foundation movement skill.

Friday - it's time to fly! Days of the Week feature in Little Stories for Little People

What is Bitesize Storycise?

Firstly, it is a fun, imaginative and enjoyable resource for both adults and children! Bitesize Storycise is a resource made up of a large range of foundation movement skills which is presented in an accessible format for two to four year olds. It provides a flexible, effective age-appropriate easy to use programme.

A hand clapping rhyme is included at the start of each story to prepare children so they know it is the starting point, followed by the fun physical elements for them to join in with. Each story should last between two and five minutes - you can shorten or lengthen each one depending on how much time you have and how children are on any given day.

It is ideal for nurseries, pre-schools, children's centres and childminders. That said, anyone should be able to pick up the book and go - all you need is your voice and some enthusiasm!

The Benefits of Bitesize Storycise

There are many, to name a few:

  • Bitesize Storycise is inclusive - all children can access this programme

  • The stories are fun and based on the natural stages of child development

  • Every movement has been planned to challenge children so that with practice they improve their skills

  • Bitesize Storycise works on many levels; gross and fine motor skills, listening skills, vocabulary, visual and auditory processing, sequencing, motor planning, control and fluency, communication and language

  • Leaders can judge the mood or ability of the group and adapt the story to suit, for example, language choice, repetition of exercise, making it easier or more challenging

  • It is portable and can be done anywhere!

  • No equipment is required; all that's needed is some imagination and the stories can be delivered in a personal style

  • Bitesize Storycise works with any number of children in any environment

  • Minimum preparation by leaders is required

  • Observation of the children's progress can help teachers identify those who may need further intervention or are at risk of difficult movements.

Do I need to use it with other Storycises resources?

No. It can stand alone or can be linked with the subsequent use of Storycises which is designed for reception aged children and aims to consolidate these foundation movement skills by the age of five.

The first book in the Bitesize Storycise range is Little Stories for Little People. It is packed full of action mini-stories that only take a couple of minutes to perform, but the effects of which can last a lifetime.

The booklet contains 20 fun topics including At the Beach, Boat Trip, Dressing Up Box, Opposites, Weather, Pets and Vets.

It is a physical development programme, which links to all areas of learning and development detailed in the EYFS (2021).

And remember...

We can't emphasise enough, there's no right or wrong approach to leading or taking part in these activities. We have seen them presented by leaders and accessed by children in various ways, all of which have been successful. Getting the children to participate and enjoy is the first goal, the quality of movements is the second, and with that will come an improvement in skill level.

Now go give Bitesize Storycise a go and have fun!

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