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Start 2023 Right- Storycises Physios Challenge!

Updated: Jan 11

In the spirit of the season, the Storycises Physios have created a Movement Challenge to help children begin the new year in a healthy way!

Starting a new year with good intentions is not just for grown-ups! Children can also use this time of fresh beginnings to form healthy habits. 2023 can bring new opportunities to grow for them too, and children can gain all the benefits of getting more active just like adults.

Children can pick from 96 simple physical activities that will help keep them active and fit while having fun moving more. These are all easy yet effective ways to keep children active whatever the weather.

Download a free Storycises Movement Challenge sheet
Storycises Movement Challenge 2023
Download PDF • 300KB

Children love having something to work toward and having fun keeping track on charts or getting praise or rewards as they reach a goal, depending on their age. So print off the sheet and put it somewhere that they can watch their progress. Children can colour in or cross off the activities each time they complete one.

The ideas are not only for children! Grown-ups can have fun doing the activities so get older members of the family to join in too. You will be a good role model - when your child sees you enjoying having fun with movement yourself, then he or she will be more likely to engage as well.

As adults, encouraging children to get into the same spirit of making healthy new changes can help set them up for a lifetime of success. Make this new year the perfect opportunity to instill healthy habits, exciting experiences, and positive attitudes about movement and exercise into their lives.

We hope that you have fun completing the Storycises Movement Challenge with your children - let's make 2023 their best year yet!

Wendy & Jane
The Storycises Physios

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