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Try, Try and Try Again

Welcome to Our First Storycises Blog!

We all know that when we learn something new, we have to practise and keep trying or attempting the skill time and time again to achieve success. When you see a toddler trying to stand up and pull themselves into standing, they will sit down, pull up, fall down, pull up, sit down etc repeatedly until they can get into standing and stay there.

Similarly, as adults when we learn a new skill like learning to play a musical instrument or learning to drive, we have to practise and learn bit by bit. No one would expect us to be able to drive on a motorway or play a complicated piece of music straight away. We would have to learn in stages and practise a lot before becoming accomplished in these skills.

Everyone knows that's unless you enjoy what you are doing it is more difficult to keep practicing and repeating. Therefore, when learning or refining a skill it is really important that you have some fun. That is why as paediatric physio's we put play at the centre all we do with children. As the Storycises Physio's we have added another dimension and have put stories into our work with children.

We will always say that repetition and consolidation are key when learning any new foundation motor skill. Children’s development is like a spiral, they will work up and down the spiral continually as they learn new skills. All children regardless of age and ability will learn this way and we should allow them to go at their own speed and revisit earlier foundation stages if required when learning something new and more complex.

As adults our role in a child’s life is to scaffold, model and encourage. This way we can teach without taking over and empower children and young people when they are learning new skills.

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As the Storycises Physio's Jane and Wendy have fun and enjoy working with youngsters as they learn new physical skills and become more physically active and able. You can read more about their work here.

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