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Foundation motor skills form the basis for more complex motor skills as young children grow and develop. It is important to ensure that they have a wide range of experiences that provide the opportunities to explore and experiment with movement. This resource can help to scaffold play experiences that will encourage practice and consolidation of these motor skills.

Foundation Motor Skills

  • This resource is laminated, colourful, and with plenty of ideas for activities that give children the opportunity to practice foundation motor skills for movement as they play. 

    All early years’ settings can use this resource to help plan their sessions. This is an easy way for settings to incorporate gross and fine motor development into all areas of their curriculum.  

    All sections within the set are linked to the EYFS areas of learning and development with the reasons why these skills are important clearly explained.

    This resource is divided into five themes:

    • Songs
    • Circle time
    • Quiet time
    • Games 
    • Outdoor activities

    It is designed to allow for sharing with parents or carers to continue this essential practice at home.

    This resource is an A5 wiro flipover book.

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