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The use of Storycises for Schools is endorsed by the NHS in the Pan-Dorset Paediatric Behaviour and Development Referral Pack and Guidance  (found here on pg 7, para 9.1)


A pick-up-and-go book containing a year's worth of daily practice of motor skills through fun action stories. Designed for children in Year R and Key Stage 1. All children will benefit from participating in Storycises on a regular basis. It can easily be adapted for use with children with SEND.


The book is fun and easy to use in both big or small groups, or can be used on a 1-to-1 basis too. It contains five stories per term, one for each day of the week, a total of 15 stories.



The book comes with an informal screening tool we have devised to help you to map changes in the children you are working with. Please find more details here.


No training is required to use Storycises.


Storycises Book 1 - Foundation motor skills programme for schools

  • Storycises is a progressive programme of movement skills presented in a story format for primary schools. It covers three terms, each term builds on the skills that have been practiced previously so that over the course of a year children have chance to practice and consolidate a graded programme of foundation motor skills.

    Children need consolidated and embedded foundation motor skills on which to build more complex skills. For example, motor skills that are needed for successful learning, for taking part in PE at school, for the ability to use two hands in a skilled fashion and to have success as a physical and robust child. 

    Due to many factors in our modern day world, children with and without a diagnosis are now struggling to consolidate these skills and so present at school with immature, missing or patchy motor skills which impact on their independence and ability to learn.

    By using just 10 minutes of the school day you can work not only on motor skills but also incorporate curriculum aims and goals.

    There are different stories in Book 1 and Book 2, but both are graded in the same way.

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