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What is Storycises?

Storycises incorporates the practice of targeted foundation motor skills into a child’s everyday life through fun stories and activities.


Movement matters for children's wellbeing and development. Storycises cleverly combines motor skills with imaginative and exciting stories covering a range of subjects and topics. 


But it’s not just stories!  There are other resources in the series which provide an easy way to ensure that you can include essential foundation motor skill practice throughout a child’s day with many suggestions of age-appropriate activities.


They are all ‘pick up and go’ resources that require no training or preparation.


The aims are simple - getting children to participate and enjoy being physical. With repetition, the quality of movements and motor skills, both fine and gross, will improve.

Laughing kids Storycises

The Benefits of Storycises

All Storycises resources are inclusive - children are encouraged to go at their own speed and experiment as they go. 

Storycises uses movements that are all based on the natural stages of child development. Every resource in the series has been devised by Chartered Physiotherapists specialising in children’s movement and development, to encourage and challenge children so that they can confidently progress and improve their motor skills.


Storycises work on many levels; gross and fine motor skills, strength and stamina, listening skills, vocabulary, visual and auditory processing, sequencing, motor planning, control, fluency and communication.

The resources work with any number of children and are suitable for use with one child, small groups, or even larger groups of children.

The adult working with a child or group can easily adapt the story or activity to suit, for example, language choice, repetition of the exercise, to make it more or less challenging.

Storycises are a practical resource - they are portable and can be used anywhere. They require no additional equipment; all that’s needed is some imagination and the stories and activities can be delivered in a personal style!

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